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Magyar Agar C.I.B.*, FI, LV, EE CH, LTJW-09, FIW-09, LVW-10, BALTW-10, SMM-10 Hajnali Tejeskávé "Kávé" (*pending)

Rhodesian Ridgeback EE & LV JCH MVLionwolf My Little Diva "Cuba"

Rhodesian Ridgeback FI, BY & EE CH MVLionwolf My Little Ally "Chai"

Mixed breed Chili

Welcome to our homepages!

It´s very nice that you found your way here! From these pages you can find info on my dogs: Magyar Agar Kávé, Rhodesian Ridgebacks Cuba and Chai and Mixed Breed Chili and also something about their owner. Before you go please leave a note to our guestbook that is called "Vieraskirja". Hope you enjoy and come back again!

Updated 19.2.2011

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Picture highest above by Laura Salo

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