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We started training for shows with Kávé right away he arrived to us. When he got enough age we started to go to unofficial shows called match shows and train there for the right ring behaviour. Kávé´s first show was in his homeland Hungary, where we participated Magyar Agar Club show. In Finland we continued with puppy shows, collecting 7 BOB-puppy-titles from 7 shows. Year 2009 Kávé started off in the official shows, gaining his first CAC towards FIN CH and BOS from the first possible show at the age of 9months 2days. At the age of 15monts Kávé had collected 7 CACs + CACIB and also three group-placements that are really rare to MAs in Finland. Kávé is the first ever MA in Finland to gain a group placement at a CACIB or CAC-show. Kávé´s best qualities are his beautiful and effortless movement and happy presentation. I have very high hopes for this boy.

Lappeenranta CACIB -09 (photo:© Jin 2009)

Kávé´s beautiful movement at Kartano Weekend CAC-show 7/09, photo: Tiia K.


  • 3xBIG-placement: BIG4 (Lappeenranta CACIB, 13.4.2009, the 1st ever MA to place in group at a CACIB or CAC show in Finland), BIG3 (Haapsalu CAC, Estonia, 25.7.2009, BIG4 (Tallinn CAC, 12.9.2009)
  • LT JW-09
  • 1xCACIB
  • 7xCAC
  • 1xres-CAC
  • 5xBOB, 3xBOS
  • 1xBD2
  • 11xEXC
  • 6xVG
  • 1xG
  • 7XBOB-puppy, 1xBOS-baby puppy (Magyar Agar Show, Hungary)
  • 7xHP (honour prize)


  • Tampere Group show for FCI 9&10, 20.9.2009, judge Ruth Wagner, Luxemburg

INTM EXC1, BD2, res-CAC (10MAs, 3+7)

"15 Monate alter Rüde, den noch in Entwicklung ist. Gute obene linie. Gute Winkelungen. Die Pfoten zu stark aufgeknöchelt. Freundliches Wesen."

"15months old dog who is still developing. Good topline and angulation. The paws are too strongly boned. Friendly character."


  • Tallinn CAC, 12.9.2009, judge Rajko Rotner, Slovenia

JUN EXC1, JCAC, BOB-jun, BD1, BOB & BIG4!!!! (1MA)

"Good condition. Well developed. Good expression. Excellent body, good angulation."

Kávé and his trophies in Tallinn, photo: Ammi Kiviharju


  • Vantaa CAC, 6.9.2009, judge Primoz Peer, Slovenia


"Young male. Excellent head. Typical proportions. Good front. Very good hind angulation. Excellent chest. Sound mover."

  • Tervakoski CACIB, 30.8.2009, judge Louis Dehaes, The Netherlands


"Beautiful head & expression. Excellent neck. Very good topline. Excellent croup. Beautiful body. Excellent angulation front & behind. Nice character. Moved very sound lateral, typical for the breed."

The judge Louis Dehaes and BOB-Kávé, photo: Jin Kaakinen


  • Tallinn CACIB, Baltic Winner-09, 23.8.2009, judge Ludmila Fintorova, Slovakia

JUN VG1 (2MAs, 2+0)

"15months. A little bit too elegant. Should have stronger ears?/jaws?, long neck. Not enough angulation. Well bent stiffles. Good feet. Moving close coming and going. Action in front too high."

  • Mustiala CAC, sighthound specialty, judge Rui Oliveira, Portugal

JUN VG1 (3MAs, 2+1)

"Acceptable head. Good shape. Good quarters. Goob bone. Good movement."

  • Mikkeli CACIB, 26.7.2009, judge Ligita Zake, Latvia


"Correct type. Correct type of head. Ear carriage ok. Straight enough topline. Body developed according to age. Bit high set tail. Correct angulations. Free movement."

photo: Timo Kivisalo

  • Haapsalu CAC, Estonia, 25.7.2009, breed and groupjudge Branislav Rajic, Slovenia

JUN EXC1, JCAC, BOB-jun, BD1, BOB & BIG3!!! (1MA)

"14 months. Good size. Still youngish. Excellent head, neck and bodybalance. Hind angulation should be bit better. Strong bones. Good pasterns. Good feet. Excellent movement."

  • Kartano Weekend groupshow for FCI10, 18.7.2009, judge Lena Ståhlhandske, Sweden

JUN EXC1, BD1, CAC, BOS (4MAs, 2+2)

"Bra storlek, av utmärkt typ, rastypiskt huvud med rätta proportioner. Mörka, vackra ögon. Utmärkta öron. Korrekt bett. Utmärkt hals och rygg. Lång svans. Tillräckligt vinklad fram, tillräckligt bröstdjup för åldern. Tillräckliga bakbensvinklar. Rör sig med mjukt och balanserat steg."

"Good size, excellent type, breed typical head with good proportions. Dark, beautiful eyes. Excellent ears. Correct bite. Excellent neck and back. Long tail. Enough angulations in front, deep enough chest for the age. Enough hindangulations. Moves with easy and balanced step."

  • Karjaa CAC, 12.7.2009, judge Tuula Savolainen


"A young male with good gender status and proportions. A head with right lines but should have a bit more stop. Good bite. The ears could settle better. Long neck. Strong body. Well angulated behind with strong muscles. Straight elbows and wrists. Still loose in front but good lenght of steps from the side."

  • Kokkola CACIB, 5.7.2009, judge Saija Juutilainen

JUN VG1 (2MAs, 2+0)

"13months. A big-framed junior shown in excellent muscular condition. Enough bones. Masculine promising head. Good bite and expression. Correct ear carriage. Lower jaw could be stronger. Stylish a little long neck. Typical angulations. A little straight shoulders and wrists. Strong paws. Good broad thighs. A little thin but well carried tail. Nice character. Moves with enough long steps but could have more flexibility. Will get stonger with age. Nice character."

  • Tallinn CACIB, Estonian Winner-09, 7.6.2009, judge Espen Engh, Norway


"12 months old dog. Leggy and elegant. Indeed too elegant for his breed. Quite refined head, needs stronger scull. Ears not thick enough. Long neck. Needs to develop in forechest. Pleasing underline. Straight topline. Stands well on his feet. Moderate both ends. Moves quite well from side, needs to stabilize in front."

  • Mänttä CAC, 31.5.2009, judge Raisa Savander


"Excellent proportions. Beautiful head. Good eyes and ears. Bite OK. Excellent neck. Excellent front. Good loin and croup. Strong knees and hocks. Good thigh. Good paws and tail. Moves beautifully and well in every way. Excellent coat."

  • Lappeenranta CACIB, 13.4.2009, breed judge Eeva Resko, group judge Agnes Ganami Kertes, Israel


"Stylish, well-developed young male. Very good head and ears. A little straight elbow. Good topline, legs and paws. Well-developed body. Wide good thigh. Moves well all ways. Could carry his tail better in movement."

BIG4! (photo:© Jin 2009)

  • Rakvere CAC, Estonia, 4.4.2009, judge Markku Mähönen


"Right proportions. Head could be stronger. Good neck and topline. Body should get stronger and deeper. Nice flexibility in movement with good back push. Good character and behaviour."

  • Vilnius Cup 09, Vilna CACIB, Lithuania, 15.3.2009, judge Markku Mähönen

JUN VG1 (2MAs, 1+1)

"Nice type. Head could be a bit longer and a bit more masculine. Long neck, correct topline and angulation. Still very narrow in front. Could have already more body. Side movement allright but soft in front when up and down. Excellent temperament."

  • Lithuanian Winner-09, Vilna CACIB, Lithuania, 14.3.2009, judge Richard McCoy, Ireland

JUN EXC1, LT JCAC, BOB-jun, BD1, BOS, Lithuanian Junior Winner 09 (2MAs, 1+1)

"Good head, neck and topline. Well made behind. Moves well behind, little straight in front. At this time weak in pastern, that shows on front movement."

  • Kaarina groupshow for FCI10, 28.2.2009, judge Nenne Runsten, Sweden

JUN EXC1, BD1, CAC, BOS (4MAs, 2+2)

"Imponerande maskulin junior. Mycket välutvecklad för åldern. Vackert huvud och uttryck. Välburna öror. Bra proportioner. Passande vinklar. Mycket bra rörelser. Vacker päls. Välvisad i fin kondition."

"Imposing masculine junior. Very well developed for his age. Beautiful head and expression. Well carried ears. Good proportions. Right angulation. Very good movement. Beautiful coat. Well presented in good condition."

BOB Fahéj-cousin and BOS Kávé

 PUPPYCLASS 7-9months

  • Helsinki puppy show, 8.2.2009, judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland

Puppyclass1, HP, BOB-puppy

"A male puppy with right lines, but still a bit light in body. Good bones. Head with beautiful expression but the stop should be more clear. Good bite. Good ears. Stylish neck. The front is too straight from shoulders to wrists. Good, muscular rear with typical angulations. Carries his tail well. Light movement. Nice character."

PUPPYCLASS 5-7months

  • Helsinki puppy show, 7.12.2008, judge Raisa Savander, Finland

Puppyclass1, HP, BOB-puppy

"Very pleasing malepuppy. Beautiful typical head. Good eyes and ears. Good neck. Good angulations front and back. Spacious chest. Good tail. Nice elastic legs. A little thin. Beautiful coat. Moves well."

  • Helsinki puppy show, 30.11.2008, judge Eeva Resko, Finland

Puppyclass1, HP, BOB-puppy

"Stylish, nice male puppy. Beautiful head and expression. Very good topline. Could be a little better angulated from front. Good bones. Well-developed body for his age. Good rear. Moves very well from side but have to make a notice about coming and going."

  • Sillamäe All breed Show, Estonia, 29.11.2008, judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska, Poland

Puppyclass1, HP, BOB-puppy

"Good proportions. Good head. Excellent neck and topline. Good chest. Very well balanced. Good angulation of front and back legs. Excellent mover and character. Very promising."

  • Helsinki puppy show, 16.11.2008, judge Hannele Jokisilta, Finland

Puppyclass1, HP, BOB-puppy

"Suitable size. An elegant male, who should get stronger by age. Good ears. Strong enough head. Well angulated. Good length of chest. Good character. Moves well."

  • Turku puppy show, 2.11.2008, judge Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland

Puppyclass1, HP, BOB-puppy

"A male puppy with right proportions and enough strong bones. Right in the middle of development. Head needs to get stronger and the underjaw wider. Good neck. Typical angulations. Moves well for his age. Good character."

  • Lahti puppy show, 1.11.2008, judge Harri Lehkonen, Finland

Puppyclass1, HP, BOB-puppy

"A strong-boned young malepuppy who shows himself very joyful. Right proportions in head and body. Good ears. Sufficient angulations. Good topline. Still very puppy-like movement."


  • Magyar Agar Club Show, Hungary, 4.10.2008, judge Zsuzsanna dr. Balogh Erdõsné, Hungary

VP1 (very promising), BOS-baby puppy

No written critique from this show.

Kávé in Hungary

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