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We plan to do both lure and oval track coursing in the future. As soon as Kávé moved to us we have played with rags with him and he has a very high enthusiasm for play and pulling and he kills almost everything he gets in his mouth.

First time after a lure pulled by hand Kávé was at the age of 10 weeks. He really didn´t have to think at all what was happening there, he just ran when the lure started moving. He followed the lure very carefully, eyes fixed on the lure. He´s very keen on running and already does a very good job. He runs very low so that the wind doesn´t bother him too much.

From the beginning Kávé has been very sure after the lure. When he´s running he really only concentrates on the lure and nothing else. Even though the dog running with him would do something to distract him he just continues and doesn´t even look at the partner. Running with the muzzle hasn´t been any problem for Kávé and getting him to the box isn´t difficult at all nowadays. Kávé is quite a fast runner and even at the age of 13 months he was already quite near the CH-time for MAs at the oval track. Right after he turned 15months we started doing the test runs for the running licence. In one week he got the needed runs and has now a running licence. Year 2010 Kávé will do his debut at the tracks and I have quite high hopes for him.

Kávé at the Hyvinkää track summer -09, photo: Outi Puruskainen

Kávé after the lure (photo: Tommi Mielonen)

25.1.08 Kávé got to participate a lure coursing practice for ridgebacks arranged on the ice of lake Näsi. First he ran after a lure pulled by hand. This went so great that I was happy to put him running after a motorlure pulled by a motorsleigh. It was our meaning to make a track that wouldn´t be too heavy for Kávé who was only 8months old. But Kávé ran so great that they went the whole track (about 500m). He didn´t get tired at all. He really couldn´t have done a better job, killing the lure at the end and all. I was very proud of him. He went the curves very carefully so that he wouldn´t run over and then speeded up on the straight part. Fantastic! I´m hoping a lot of this little runner.

12.10.08 Kávé participated a running competition arranged by Luhtilaukkaajat, which is our running club. He ran the straight part of the oval track at a time 8,2seconds. I was very proud of him, he ran the whole distance as fast as he could and stayed at the lure independently killing the lure. Way to go for under a 5 month old puppy.

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