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Match shows are unofficial shows where you can practice ring behaviour with your dog. There are different classes such as: big dogs, small dogs, puppies and mixed breeds etc. Dogs go into the ring in pairs and the judge gives out a red and a blue ribbon, red being for the better dog and the blue for the other. After all the dogs in the class have been judged, all the dogs with the red ribbon go to the ring together and the judge decides 4 best of them and the same thing with the dogs that got blue ribbon. After this the first ones of each class go to the BIS-ring.

We have been to some match shows with Kávé. For a puppy these things are good fro socializing and practice. Kávé has succeeded very well, his best placing is BIS3 from 160dogs at the age of 5months. Fantastic!!!


18.1.2009 Mäntsälä, Weimaraner Club, judge (judging also in official shows) Raija Tammelin: RED ribbon 4.

After a long break in shows, I just had to get to the ring with my little fellow. So we participated to a match show in Mäntsälä arranged only 20km from our home. There were a huge amount of dogs, for example 97 puppies in our class, so much for succeeding I thought. After a long wait it was our turn and Kávé got to go to the ring with a tiny chihuahua-puppy. He showed off really well a little twisting and turning when the judge looked at his teeth but nothing that bad. I was a positive surprise when they handed me the red ribbon. :) In the big ring with all the puppies that got the red one, Kávé behaved also very nicely. I was totally asleep there and almost didn´t notice that the judge was wawing us to come to the center with a few others. Kávé moved like a dream and we were chosen again to the center and finally we noticed that we were among the four best. Finally our result was fourth, which was absolutely fantastic since there was 97puppies alltogether. The judge Raija Tammelin judges dogs in official shows also and after the ring she came to say to me that she really doesn´t understand almost anything about sighthounds but Kávé´s movements were so beautiful that she wanted to place him. FABULOUS!!

26.10.2008 Tuulos, Dog Club of Tuulos: Red ribbon1, BIS3

WOW, what a day! Kávé´s pair in the ring was a little chihuahua-puppy. Kávé behaved really well and after consideration the judge gave us the red ribbon and said that Kávé stands like a professional. Kávé was feeling a little bit too energetic so I didn´t have very high hopes for the big ring as long as he would behave ok. The judge picked an Irish Wolfhound to continue so I didn´t think she would pick another sighthound. But she picked us too and at the same time noticed that we were among four best also. Finally she placed us as THE FIRST!! I was so happy. The judge said that Kávé just had that something in him. In the BIS-ring Kávé started to get really impatient and started to hit me with his paw, sitting, whining and messing around. I couldn´t so anything but laugh. They started placing the dogs and finally we were BIS3!! There were 30puppies and alltogether 160 dogs in the match show, so this was very nicely done for a 5 month old puppy. Later the judge came to ask about Kávé and said that she has noticed him already on the side of the ring and that he was just gorgeous. Kávé got amazing prizes, among them a gift card for 50euros. GREAT little man!!

19.10.2008 Mäntsälä, Finnish Cane Corso Club: Blue ribbon1

Today Kávé charmed the judge with his happy ring behaviour. With the pair he behaved well but when the amount of dogs increased he started to lose his concentration. In the BIS-ring his good behaviour was all gone. :D But good placement still.

27.9.2008 Orimattila: no placement

Kávé´s first time in the ring ever and it was very interesting. The little guy 4,5months old had to participate in the big dogs class since there were no puppy class at all. I was very proud of him because he behaved really well in the ring and was happy as ever. He stood nicely and was very cool when the judge looked through him. Moving was also calm. Chai and Kávé were in the same ring in the end so I had to give Kávé to an unknown handler because I was there alone. But Kávé was really brave and was okay too with another handler even though it was the first time in the ring for him. Didn´t cry for me at all.

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