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Cuba knows how to pose already at the age of 12 weeks :)

  • Official name: MVLionWolf My Little Diva
  • Nick names: -
  • Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Gender: bitch
  • D.o.b: 7.10.2009
  • Reg. number: FI60550/09
  • Titles: -
  • Height: 44cm
  • Weight: 12,5kg (5.1.2010), 6,75kg (4.12.2009)
  • Hips: -
  • Elbows: -
  • Sire: EE, LV, LT, BALT CH Noldor Majestic Sinbest "Dor"
  • Dam: BY & EE CH MVLionWolf My Little Ally ”Chai”
  • Siblings: 9 brothers: Demon "Armas", Devil "Modi", Daim "Nemo", Dandy "Dandy", Derek "Pepe", Dusty "Tuuma", Dillon "Neco", Doggy "Manu" and Dark "Chili",  2 sisters: Dolce "Selma" and Doll "Bella"
  • Owners: Moa Viljanen c/o Janica Tanskanen
  • Breeder: Moa Viljanen, kennel MVLionwolf

This little girl has a really special place in my heart. Because Chai is the dam of Cuba I got to follow the whole puppy-process very closely and live in almost every moment of it. I was present in the birth and at first we thought we were going to lose Cuba, she didn´t breathe when she was born and was quite cold. But luckily we got her breathing again and back alive. And thank god we did, she is now full of life and energy.

When we agreed about Moa using Chai in her breeding amny people thought right away that I would get a puppy from Chai. I was more careful and just thought I´d wait and see what kind of puppies are born and tried to convince everybody that I would try not to keep any. Well, you all know what that means. I just couldn´t leave this beautiful dark-masked beauty that quite much resembles her dam Chai by her character. Cuba is living in Pukkila in breeding terms and might complement Moa´s breeding in the future. Cuba stood from the crowd right from the beginning and for some unknown reason was always found from my lap. She just climbed there immediately when a entered the puppy box. I just felt that Cuba was the one that chose me.

What could I tell about Cuba since she´s still so little. Until now I have noticed that she´s very energetic and always happy. Her tail is wagging constantly and she loves everybody and is always giving kisses to everyone. She doesn´t get scared easily and adjusts to new situations easily. At breeder´s home she got used to all different sounds and at home she can just sleep even though there´s some terrible noise. At the first night in the new home she explored our yard even though it was very dark. Cuba is a quite a saucy girl that just does what she wants no matter what the other dogs say. She is very independent and is happy to be alone too even though she lives in a pack. Cuba is also a really fast learner and veeeery greedy too, not so surprising when you think who her sam is. ;)

Time will show what kind of an RR this little girl will be but I can say that she has stolen many peoples hearts. It´s so important that I have Chai´s daughter at home because Chai has been the perfect dog for me. Hopefully Cuba will have some same qualities as well. Thanks Moa for this fantastic little RR, she´s fantastic!

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