Suntuubi-palvelussa käytetään evästeitä. Palvelua käyttämällä hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lue lisää. OK


Photos of Chai´s beautiful bunch (MVLionwolf D-litter) you can find here:


We made a weekend trip to Seinäjoki with Kávé, Irina, Amani and Thumba. On Saturday it was time for Seinäjoki CACIB-show where I showed rr-male Amani. He showed like a pro and we got the result JUN VG1.

Me with Amani (photo: Timi Grönman)

The next day it was time for Magyar Agars. The judge for the day was Mr. Magnus Hagsted from Sweden, who was very strick and gave out only few excellents. No EXC for Kávé either, our result was INTM VG1. But it was nice to read from the critique that Kávé was shown in excellent condition and handled well.

In the ring with Kávé (photo: Irina Korte)

Luckily the trip was otherwise fantastic, Amani and Kávé have really found each other and are good friends and Thumba seems to be really okay now with Kávé even though he usually doesn´t like other males. He even slept on Kávé´s neck one night. :) Thanks again Irina for a great trip, maybe next time we even check-in to the right hotel. :D

Dumb and dumber?

Thumba and Kávé sleeping together <3



I got an SMS today that the puppies have opened their eyes, the little ones are now 11days old. Everything is going great in Parainen, Chai feels more briskier day after day and wants very bad to play with everyone else in the yard, she has been going for longer walks now also. I´m so over the moon right now when I heard that Chai gets along with Moa´s pack very well even her mother which I would´ve never dreamt of. Daughter and mother are both such strong bitches that I thought they wouldn´t get along but I was very wrong. They sleep together on the sofa even. <3 Sometimes dogs can really surprise you.

Mum with one of the little ones

Chai and Cia-dam

Cia and Chai

On Sunday we participated to a match show held in Espoo with Kávé and Chili. They both managed to get a red ribbon but didn´t place. But I was very happy that Chili was able to calm down and eventually show herself really happily and well. :)


We made a trip with Mervi, Tikru and Haiti to Estonia, Rakvere where we entered an all breed show. We were after the last JUN CAC which would have made Kávé Estonian and Lithuanian Junior Champion. But no luck this time, sadly Kávé got the result JUN VG1 under judgement of Mrs. Rita Reyniers, Belgium. Mrs. Reyniers was...hmmm...a little bit odd in the ring, she asked for my dogs breed from me. You would really thought they´d know the breed that they are judging. Luckily the day was saved by fantastic friends and their dogs, Mervi´s girls got both VGs and Finnish rr´s did absolutely fantastic: Unna BIS-puppy and Prada BIS4-junior and BIG1!!! Huge congrats Ammi and Kaisa!!

(photo: Mervi Asp)



Chai´s puppies are finally here! On Wednesday 7.10.2009 Chai gave birth to 14 beautiful little lion hunters, 10males and 4bitches, sadly a male and a bitch were born dead. :( So the final number is 9males and 3bitches. One male has a kink tail and offset ridge, other faults or DS hasn´t been found. The birth was very long and tiring, it lasted for 26,5hours. Luckily Chai and the puppies are doing well.

The proud mum and her fabulous bunch

It´s safe to sleep with mum


Chai weight already 44,5kilos. WOW! The birth is getting closer.


Still about one week left to wait. Despite of the huge tummy Chai feels alright. This waiting is so exciting!

After 53 days


I have to post a photo of Kávé´s gorgeous dam Csillag who participated to a show after a very long break. The show was specially for neutered dogs and Csillag managed to get the result of BIS bitch!! No wonder because she´s such a stunner! Doesn´t Kávé look very much like her dam?

One of my favourite MAs, Kávé´s dam Kucorgo-Dombi Csillagfürt "Csillag" still in great muscular condition, photo: Zsofia Gombai


We spent the weekend in Säyhtee in the village of Pilkottu where we had our first ever Magyar Agar weekend. There were 13 MAs present. Great company, games, playing in the yard, good drinks and even better food, fantastic! On Saturday we had the opportunity to taste pörkölt a Hungarian meat stew which Csaba made for us, it was so delicious! Kávé and I were so pleased with the whole weekend thanks again to everybody for the great company and special thanks to Nina and Juha who made this all possible! :)

On Sunday we were off to Tampere to participate the group show for groups 9 and 10. There were 10 MAs entered, 3+7. The judge for the day was Mrs. Ruth Wagner from Luxemburg who owns an MA herself also. Kávé got the result INTM EXC1, BD2, res-CAC. :) I also got to show Maija who gained the result CH EXC1, BB2. :) Huge congrats to Nina and Saara for Helka´s and Spiidi´s BOB and BOS at their show debuts!

Almost half of Finnish MAs present! From left to right: Raymond, Doris-whippet, Helka, Amanda, Cujo, Maija, Kávé, Scarlett, Fahej, Bayley, Impi, Apsku, Selja and Megy


I went to the vet to vaccinate Chili and Kávé and at the same time got to weight Chai. I almost fainted when I saw the result: 42kgs! She has gained 4kgs in one week! WOW!

May I introduce: MVLionwolf My "Little" WHALE aka Chai :D


Kávé BIG4 in Tallinn!!!

Kávé with his trophies, photo: Ammi Kiviharju

The bad karma of Tallinn really turned around this time when Kávé surprised us being JUN EXC1, JCAC, BOB-jun, BD1, BOB & BIG4 at the Tallinn all breed show!!! The lovely judge was Mr. Rajko Rotner from Slovenia. Amazing my little boy has already gained three BIG-placements this year. Now he has made history several times already! :) Thank you Zsofia for this fantastic show stopper!

Is he really walking towards us? Photo: Ammi Kiviharju

BIG4 at the Tallinn all breed show :) Photo: Ammi Kiviharju



Lovely RR-puppies coming! :)

Today we were at the ultrasound with Chai and she´s very much in whelp!! We saw many puppies there and guesses were between 7-14 puppies. What a lucky day! We decided that Chai will give birth at Moa´s home. But I will be there obviously in the birth and watching the puppies grow. Chai should give birth around 6.10.2009.


Kávé got his running licence!!

Kávé completed the last test run at the oval track today and this means that he now has his running licence! Next year he will start competing! :)

Kávé at the oval track training in the summer -09, photo: Outi Puruskainen


Kávé INT EXC1, BD1, CAC and BOB in Vantaa!!

This time we were off to Vantaa all breed show in the pouring rain. Luckily the rain stopped when it was our turn. Kávé got the result: INT EXC1, BD1, CAC & BOB under the judge Primoz Peer from Slovenia. This was Kávé´s 7th FI CAC. :) The critique was very nice:

"Young male. Excellent head. Typical proportions. Good front. Very good hind angulation. Excellent chest. Sound mover."


Two out of three test runs completed!!!

Kávé turned15monthsi 26.8.2009, which ment that he could start running the test runs at the oval track for his running licence. The solotest 280metres Kávé completed at the time 19.12s and later he ran the group test run with Drava-MA winning it at the time 19.44s. Only one more to go! :)


Kávé got his first CACIB!!!

Kávé INT EXC1, BD1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, photo: Jin Kaakinen

Kávé´s first time in the intermediate class couldn´t have gone better. His result was INT EXC1, BD1, CAC, CACIB & BOB under the judge Louis Dehaes from Holland. This was such a surprise because Kávé won the CH-male in the BD-class. I really couldn´t have believed this! Here´s Kávé´s fantastic critique:

"Beautiful head & expression. Excellent neck. Very good topline. Excellent croup. Beautiful body. Excellent angulation front & behind. Nice character. Moved very sound lateral, typical for the breed."

Kávé and the lovely judge, photo: Jin Kaakinen


We spent a long weekend in Estonia with Mari, Cujo and Kávé and participated to the Baltic Winner Show in Tallinn. The bad karma of Kalev Stadium continued and Kávé gained the result JUN VG1 under the judge Ludmila Fintorova from Slovakia. Luckily she liked Cujo and placed him as BOB-puppy.

Kávé stacking again free, photo: Mari Rannilla

The sire of the our upcoming litter Dor also participated gaining a EXC4 placement in the CH-class in stiff competition. I fell in love with him again, he´s such a stunner.


Kávé JUN VG1 in Mustiala sighthound specialty, the judge was Rui Oliveira, Portugal. Kávé way too much like greyhound for this judge. :(


Chai spent 5 days in Estonia at Dor´s home. She was inseminated 4. and 5.8. so we are waiting anxiously what kind of a result this will have. The ultrasound is at the beginning of September. Thumbs up everybody!


Kávé BIG3 in Haapsalu!!!

Kávé JUN EXC1, JCAC, BOB-junior, BD1, BOB & BIG3 in Haapsalu, Estonia

This trip to Estonia truly made up for all our previous trips there, when we came back with VG and G. We headed off to Haapsalu, Estonia with Kaisa and her two RR-girls Prada and Peppi where we participated to a all breed show. Our judge for the day was Mr. Branislav Rajic from Slovenia. This gentleman is from now on our favourite judge. ;) Kávé ´s result: JUN EXC1, JCAC, BOB-junior, BD1, BOB and BIG3!!!!

Very happily surprised handler and the magic maker himself on the BIG3-spot, photo: Kaisa Kosonen

The judge said in the BOB-ring that he likes Kávé very very much but I could´ve never believed that he would place us, because there was 7 other beautiful sighthounds as well. Totally unbelievable thing, I will be on cloud 9 for a long time! I just can´t imagine that Kávé 14months old has already been placed two times in the BIG-ring, he is so young and MA´s get never placed!! When Kaisa´s Prada was BOB and BIG1 and Peppi BB2 with CAC and a new EE CH our day was really a fantastic one!!! Congrats to Kaisa and a huge thank you for the trip!!

The next day we were off to Mikkeli INT-show this time with Irina and her RR-males Amani and Thumba. Kávé´s great success continued when he was JUN EXC1, BD1, CAC and BOB under the judge Ligita Zake from Latvia!! No placement in the BIG-ring this time, even though "Kávé really tries his best!" according to the BIG-judge Leni Finne when Kávé gazed at her with his big beautiful brown eyes. :D

Mikkeli INT: Kávé JUN EXC1, BD1, CAC, BOB, photo: Timo Kivisalo

Kávé with all his gatherings from weekends shows :) photo: Irina Korte

It really couldn´t have gone better in Mikkeli too, when it comes to results. Irina´s rr-puppy Amani was BOB-puppy and her Thumba BD3 with his third CAC, which made him a new FIN CH!!! In addition BOB was my friend Marja´s breeding Okawe Eeben Agabe "Eeben" which is my favourite bitch right now in Finland. She was also BIG1, congratulations to Marja and Johanna!! And many thanks to Irina for a fantastic trip and congratulations on the great results! We had a blast as always! ;) I think there won´t come a showweekend like this for a long time. :)


Kávé was at a lure coursing practise in Hyvinkää and for the first time ever he ran with another dog, he had Maija-MA as company. This was his second run with the muzzle on and first time with another dog so I was quite nervous. Well shouldn´t have been, ´cos Kávé can reallu handle it. ;) They did both a fantastic job and didn´t mind about each other at all. Kávé got great feedback from the LC-judge that was handling the lure. He said that he can´t believe that Kávé is only 14months old and that he will be a great runner in the future since he does such a nice job already. It´s great to continue from here.


KÁVÉ JUN EXC1, BD1, CAC and BOS at Kartano Weekend-show! The judge was Mrs. Lena Stålhandske from Sweden and the CAC was Kávé´s fourth. :) Nice to be back with the pink colour. I also participated to a brace-competition with Maija and Kávé, although thay behaved perfectly and moved nicely, no placement this time. Congratulations to Nina on Maija´s BOB and thanks for a nice company!!!

Kávé BOS and "Maija" Avenina´s Amans Aenea BOB :)


Kávé at the Karjaa all breed show JUN VG1, again. :( The day was quite awful when my car broke to the motor way and after that Mari who came to help me drove off the road. You really would have hoped to get that EXC. The judge was Mrs. Tuula Savolainen, who gave us a really good critique but Kávé was still too immature for him.

Good drive in the ring. Photo: Mari Rannila


We had an active weekend. We travelled with Mari, Rico, Cujo, Chai and Kávé to Perho to stay the weekend at Mari´s parents house. On Saturday we participated Kokkola INT show with Chai and she did very well, result: CH EXC2, BB4. The judge was Mrs. Nina Karlsdotter from Sweden, who gave Chai a really good critique. :)

After the show we drove back to Perho to participate a bear barking test with Chai and her brother Rico. Both of them did really well but didn´t get the diploma this time. They got huge compliments from the judge saying that they both truly are ready to go bear hunting. :) First they were at the bear alone but as the last ones they also got to meet the bear as a pair and it was absolutely amazing to see their pairwork which was great.

Chai and Rico meeting Pena the Bear

On Sunday it was our MAs turn to enter the ring. Cujo got HP in the puppy class and was BOB-puppy. Kávé got a VG this time under the judge Saija Juutilainen. The critique was very good but aparently Kávé was still too immature for this judge.

I´m trying to strangle Kávé after getting VG :D Photo: Mari Rannila


Kávé was again at the oval track training. He ran 480m and this time he was even faster than the previous times, the time was 33.50s. :) Great!


Chili BIS4 in a match show!!!

The gorgeous girl with her trophies!

During a trip to our summer cottage I also decided to participate a match show held in Valkeala. This time I entered all my dogs, even Chili although I wasn´t so sure how she would behave in the ring after such a long time. Kávé and Chai got a red ribbon but were left unplaced in the big dogs. Then it was Chili´s turn in the mixed breeds class and boy did she shine. She was given the blue ribbon and managed to get the result SIN1 winning over all the mixed breeds getting a blue ribbon. And finally she was BIS4 of over 100dogs! She really loved showing and got her tail wagging the whole time even though it rained. She got many compliments on her movement. She really surprised us all. My show star! :)


We were at a match show in Lahti. Chai was third from the big dogs that got a blue ribbon. Kávé managed to win all the big dogs being PUN1 and finally BIS3. The judges really loved Kávé happy personality and his beautiful movement. :)


Kávé was at the oval track training and ran 480metres at the time 34.57s. Fantastic!


Kávé got a Good under the judge Espen Engh at the Estonian Winner show. :( Luckily we still had a very good time and Kávé got many fans from the show ground.


At the oval track training again. This time Chai got to run too. She ran 350metres in the time 28.78s. Kávé ran 480metres for the first time ever and did a fantastic job. The time was 34s being only a second away for the CH-time of magyar agars on the oval track. How great is this when the dog is only 1year old.



We spend an extremely hot Sunday at Mänttä CAC-show. The judge for the day was a sighthound specialist Mrs. Raisa Savander and she liked Kávé as much that she liked in a puppy show last December, fantastic! The critique was great:

"Excellent proportions. Beautiful head. Good eyes and ears. Bite OK. Excellent neck. Excellent front. Good croup and loin. Strong knees and hocks. Good thigh. Good paws and tail. Moves beautifully and well in every way. Excellent coat."

Can´t be anything but happy with this little fellow, three shows in Finland and three CACs, all with fantastic critiques!


CHAI AT A MENTAL TEST 189points and gunshot proof!!

We participated in a mental test held in Hauho with Chai, the judges were Mr. Jorma Lankinen and Mr. Kai Tarkka. Chai behaved very well at the test and got 189points and she is also gunshot proof. Absolutely fantastic, I´m very proud of Chai. Her points are one of the highest that a ridgeback has gotten in Finland from the official test.

Here are the results:

Capability to function: +2 Good
Tendency to aggressive behaviour: +3 High without post-attack aggressiveness
Desire for defence action: +3 moderate, controlled
Desire to fight: +2 moderate

Nerves: +1 a little restless
Temperament: +3 lively

Mental hardness: +1 a little soft

: +3 open with a good will
Reactions to shots: +++ Secure to shots

Mentality test passed with 189points, gunshot proof

The sleigh was a bit scary



Chai´s breeder Moa has chosen Chai to be the dam for the next MVLionwolf-litter. As the sire of the upcoming litter we have chosen EE, LV, LT, BALT CH Noldor Majestic Sinbest. Chai´s heat should start in June/July. More info about the upcoming litter you can find on the site Puppies 2009.

 Handsome Dor -sire of the upcoming litter-


Chai participated to her last running competition for this year. This time it was on an oval track. Chai ran with Jalo-RR and managed to get first to the goal with the time 29.68s. A very nice end to the season. Good Chai! :)


KÁVÉ 1 year old!!!

My little lovely MA is already 1 year old!!

You wouldn´t believe how fast time goes. I still remember like it was yesterday that I got an e-mail from Hungary saying that the puppies are coming to the world. My heart almost jumped to my throat when I got the info that among these puppies there´s also a male that is fawn in color with a black mask, just what I had dreamt of. When this boy continued developing great both in body and by character, it was clear, Tejeskávé would move to Finland.

I have been more than happy with this boy, he´s perfect to our pack: lovely, energetic, smiling, loving-the-whole-world, speed-package. My Kávéliino. I can´t wait to see what our future together brings. Kávé has already been more that I hoped for.



We participated to Helsinki CACIB-show and managed to get the result CH EXC2, BB3, res-CAC. The judge for the day was Mr. Petr Rehanek from Chech. Great result but a pity that the last needed CAC towards being FI CH was so close but still too far away!


Chai´s placement in Hyvinkää lure coursing competition 10/12, points 229+189=418, CQ. Not really typical work from Chai but still a CAC Qualified run.


This Thursday we spent in Kajaani at a lure coursing competition: Chai was 2. and Rico-brother 3. Otherwise I would be happy with the placement but the final track was so awful that I really can´t be happy about it, Chai made a huge shortcut after the lure that she has never done anything like that. Her points were 214+105=319, no CQ points this time. Luckily the trip was otherwise absolutely fantastic, we and the dogs had so much fun. Thanks for the trip Mari! :)



On Sunday Chai still wanted to perform fantastic on the track and she got her third lure coursing CAC towards becoming Estonian Lure Coursing CH. Her placement was 2/10 and points 231+268=499, CAC. Absolutely fantastic!! She did so well this weekend, her placements 2. and 3. :)

Start run on her own, when Zico was left behind. Photo: Reio Avaste


We left for Estonia to Niitvälja to participate two lure coursing competitions. First day went great, Chai´s placement 3/7 and only one placement away from CAC. She made her new record in points when she got 252+261=513, CQ. Great!!

Chai running with Paavo on the start track. Photo: Reio Avaste



Photo: Marii Pikkoja

Lure coursing season has started!! And what a way to start. Chai participated to a competition in Estonia in Niitvälja and managed to place as 2/6 and collect her second lure coursing CAC!!! Her points 246+250=496, CAC. I´m so proud of her!


Kávé made history today!!!!

BOB & BIG-4!

Us in the BIG-ring (photo: © Jin 2009)

Posing in the pre-judging ring (photo: © Jin 2009)

At home with the prizes

Today happened something unbelievable! We participated to a CACIB-show in Lappeenranta with Kávé as the only MA, our judge was strict Mrs. Eeva Resko and our result JUN EXC1, BD1, CAC, BOB & BIG-4!!! Group judge was Mrs. Agnes Ganami Kertes from Israel.

With this result Kávé, 10,5months old, made history being the first ever MA to place in the group ring at a CAC or CACIB show in Finland. Could it get any better than this? I´ll never get down from the clouds...

Kennel Hajnali had a fantastic weekend. Kávé´s brother Almodozas and sister Baba participated to shows in Hungary with the result: two Crufts qualifications (which Kávé also has) and 3xJUN CAC & BOB-JUN. Beautiful Baba is now also HU JCH. Great!!


INT Show in Lappeenranta, with excellent we would´ve gotten the last needed CAC but no luck this time, Chai´s result was CH VG2. The judge was Mrs. Agnes Ganami Kertes.


DUSTY "Pappa"



We left for a show in Rakvere Estonia with Mervi, Nala and Tikru. As I presumed Kávé got VG, the judge was again Mr. Markku Mähönen, who gave us VG also few weeks ago in Lithuania. This time the critique was better and Kávé also got compliments on his great movement.

But we surely didn´t make the trip for nothing, Mervi´s white swiss shephard Nala (Erijane Exclusive Diva) got the result OPEN EXC1, BB1, CAC, BOB & BIG-1!!! This was so fantastic and I cheered at the ring side like it was my dog winning. Thanks Mervi and Nala for making this trip worthy of doing, congratulations!!




We made a trip to Vilna, Lithuania with Kávé where we participated two CACIB shows. On Saturday our judge was Mr. Richards McCoy from Ireland and Kávé´s result JUN EXC1, JUN CAC, BOB-junior, BD1 and new Lithuanian Junior Winner -09!!

On Sunday our judge Mr. Markku Mähönen thought that Kávé was still too immature for his taste and gave us very good. But still a fantastic trip on which Kávé behaved really well that I could´ve never thought he would do. Great! Our title account is now officially open and I hope it will grow in the future as well.

When Chai couldn´t come with us this time I had planned a CACIB show for her in Tampere in Finland. On Saturday she was handled nicely with my friend Mervi and got the result CH EXC3 under judge Mr. Boris Baich, from Slovenia. Very good, keep those excellents coming!! Good Chai and thanks a million Mervi for handling her!!

In contact. Photo: Jari Fält



Happy birthday MVLionwolf A-puppies that today are already 3 years old. Thank you so much Moa for this fantastic dog!



The wise look of a 7-year-old <3

You could never believe that happy and playful Chili is already 7 years old. Same thing has been heard from other peoples mouths also lately. She is a fantastic dog in the best shape ever! As a birthday present Chili got to go for a walk on the ice of the see in Jollas where we used to live and she surely appreciated this. The official birthday bash will be held on Tuesday when Chai also has her birthday. Congrats Chili!!



BOB Kucorgo-Dombi Fahéj and BOS Kávé

Who would´ve guessed that the first ever official show with Kávé would go this great. We participated to a CAC-show in Kaarina, our judge for the day was Mrs. Nenne Runsten from Sweden. Altogether there were 4 MA´s participating which was so great. The juniors rocked the ring today, Kávé´s cousin Fahéj (Kucorgo-Dombi Fahéj) made her show debut by being BOB ans getting her first CAC. Kávé and Fahéj are were only 9months and 2days old.

Here´s Kávé´s fantastic critique:

"Imposing masculine junior. Very well developed for his age. Beautiful head and expression. Well carried ears. Good proportions. Right angulation. Very good movement. Beautiful coat. Well presented in good condition."

Fantastic Kávé!



There was 11 bitches entered and our judge was Ligita Zake from Latvia. Too bad we didn´t get the last needed CAC, bacause it went to BB1 but hopefully we´ll get some day. Great result anyway! :)



The judge was strict Mrs. Saija Juutilainen who knows MAs well. :)

Proud Kávé with his trophies


Kávé and Chai got to go to a lure coursing practise at the ice of lake Näsi. Kávé´s running was fantastic to watch, he was very sure after the lure, real fast and didn´t get tired at all. He ran the whole track and was great.

Kávé after the lure (photo: Tommi Mielonen)


We were at Turku CACIB-show with Chai. First time at the CH-class in Finland and our great result was CH EXC4. The judge was a very strict Mr. Karl-Erik Johansson from Sweden, who gave out also some blue ribbons as well.

Chai CH EXC4 at Turku CACIB-show (photo: Irina Korte)


After a long time of silence we were off to enter an unofficial match show nearby in Mäntsälä with Chai and Kávé. It went great and I was so surprised that both dogs placed at their classes even though there were a huge amount of dogs entered. Chai was in the big dogs class, got blue ribbon and placed finally as 3rd from app. 74 big dogs. Kávé was happy as ever in the ring again, got red ribbon and was finally placed as 4th out of 97 puppies. Puppies were judged by a real show judge Mrs. Raija Tammelin who complemented Kávé´s movements a lot. :)


We participated to a Winner Show -09 at Helsinki with Chai. Her result was Open VG3 with a good critique. I´m very happy.

Our little miss is also a celebrity. You can find her picture from the Tapiola insurance company add from the show catalogue. Yippii!

Photo: Reea Salomaa



Today we were at a puppy show in Helsinki. Kávé´s result now 6th time in a row BOB-puppy with HP. The judge was a sighthound specialist Mrs. Raisa Savander! Great work my little guy!!

It´s hard work being good-looking! (6xHP, 6xBOB-puppy)


What a fantastic show weekend!!


We made a trip to Estonia to enter a CAC show at Sillamäe with Chai, Kávé and Chai´s brother Rico. Our results were: Rico BOB & EE CH, Chai BOS & EE CH and Kávé BOB-puppy. The judge was Mrs. Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierchowska from Poland.

On Sunday we were back in Finland and entered a puppy show in Helsinki with Kávé. The judge was Mrs. Eeva Resko and Kávé´s result BOB-puppy with HP. Fantastic!!

When do I get down from the clouds? :)


KÁVÉ BOB-puppy with HP at a puppy show in Helsinki, this time our judge was Mrs. Hannele Jokisilta. Way to go Kávé!

Photo: Ammi Kiviharju


Chai was placed in her class in the first ever official Finnish ridgeback specialty!!

What a better way to spend a bithday than to enter a ridgeback specialty in Lahti my home town. This was the first ever official specialty for our breed in Finland. Chai really surprised me and placed as VG4 at the huge open class with 12 bitches. Absolutely fantastic!! What a bithday present! The judge was a RR-breeder from Australia Mrs. Sheryll Currie-Thompson.

Photo: Reea Salomaa


KÁVÉ BOB-puppy with HP at a puppy show in Turku, this time the judge was Mrs. Outi Piisi-Putta. So this weekend´s result 2x BOB-puppy. WOW!

Photo: Susanna Jokinen


KÁVÉ BOB-puppy with HP at a puppy show in Lahti, the judge Mr. Harri Lehkonen!!!



Today we entered to a match show with Kávé and Chai at Tuulos. And boy were our results great!

There were app. 60 big dogs entered, Chai got blue ribbon and placed greatly as 3rd in the class!

But it was Kávé who hit the jackpot this time. There were 50 puppies entered, first Kávé got the red ribbon and placed as 1st in his class and was finally BIS3 from about 160 dogs!!! What a result for a 5month old puppy. Kávé got a huge amount of prizes among these a gift certificate of 50euros to a store. WOW!

From four last match shows either Kávé or Chai has been able to enter to the BIS-ring being BIS1, BIS2 and now BIS3. Great!!

Here´s the little guy with his prizes:


Chai was at a lure coursing competition in Hailuoto, in the northern Finland, her placement was 2/10, points being 227+222=449, CQ. A great comeback among the first three after a few bad competitions.

Pukkila´s posse´s great match show results continued today. This time we were in Mäntsälä. The little guy showed off in the ring and charmed the judge with his happy appearance and Kávé was best of the blue ribbon puppies. At the BIS-ring his patience ended and no placement from there, but still a great result. Good boy Kávé!!



On Saturday Chai was at a match show in Orimattila PUN1 (best of the big dogs) & BIS2.

Chai´s success has been great in match shows, BIS1 and BIS2, in a row.

Here´s Chai with her trophies from both of the match shows. WOW!!

On Sunday we participated to a unofficial oval track coursing competition in Hyvinkää. Chai ran with Jalo-rr and won with the time 29.46s, this made her also CH of Luhtilaukkaajat -08! Fantastic!!! Kávé got also to run the first part of the lap with the time 8,2s. He ran with lots of enthusiasm and killed the lure at the end. :) Very well done!

Fantastic weekend! :)


Also our trip to Hungary went nicely, although it was very tough for the dogs and their owner. Chai got VG on Friday at the big open class at the European Winner show.

Kávé was in the ring on Saturday at the Magyar Agar Club Show, his result was: very promising, BOS-baby puppy. Kávé´s sister Baba (Csicsergõ) was BOB-baby puppy.

Kávé in the ring in Hungary


We´re leaving for Hungary with Chai and Kávé, so be patient waiting for the updates.


Chai BIS1 at a match show in Orimattila!!!!

BIS-miss with her trophies (Photo: Mira Holm)

There were 50 dogs entered. She got many compliments, especially about her movement, so I´m more than pleased. Kávé made also his debut in the show ring and behaved really well and was so brisk. I was so happy! What a day!


We went to see Laura Salo and my dogs got to be as models as she photographed them. You can look at the photos here:

My muddy dogs (Photo: Laura Salo/Infinitumphotos)

Thanks for the photos Laura! They´re gorgeous!


Finally some updates!!! Chai´s BY CH is now confirmed in Finland and I made also a decicion that Kávé will also travel with us to Hungary. He will start his show career modestly at the breed specialty in the breed´s home coutry. :D


Chai at Sukoka´s at Tuomarinkartano in Helsinki, our judge was Mrs. Kirsti Bremer and her result 2. in group 6. :)



Chai really did a great job today and won Eddie with 3 points, her points were 236+239=475, CAC. Her first lure coursing CAC towards becoming Estonian lure coursing CH.


Chai was in Estonia at two lure coursing competitions with Kride, my boyfriend. Despite the problems with her paw at the week, she showed what she´s made of and was only 4 points away from the lure coursing CAC. Her points 233+243=476, CQ, placement 2. Eddie got the CAC, congratulations Nina and Eddie!


Yippii! I got a letter that Kávé is now regstered to Finnish Kennel Club´s register. Quite fast.


Chai at Heinola CAC-show Open VG2. Rico-brother´s great result CH EXC3, BD3.


Chai at Kouvola CAC-show Open EXC1, BB2, res-CAC. :)So close but yet so far. But still a great result in the pouring rain. Rico-brother CH EXC.


Chai participated to a match show in Lahti. She got the red ribbon and a great critique: Temperament excellent, Movement excellent, general appearance and physical condition excellent, co-operation excellent. There were app. 50 big dogs and Chai placed among the 7 best.


At Ristiina group show Chai Open VG1. Chai´s rr-friend Zico was BOB with his second CAC. Fantastic Sanna and Zico!


Chai was at a unofficial bear barking test in Mallusjoki, Orimattila, just near our home. She surprised me and barked at the bear the whole 10minutes the test lasted and without me also. I was hiding nearby and Chai was able to work that way also. Such a positive surprise. We were only 14 points away of getting a 3.result. She´s so versatile.


Kávé was at a lure coursing practise for the first time in Paloheinä. He ran so great that I almost wanted to cry. This was a great way to start.


Chai is doing fantastic in lure coursing at the moment, 9 competitions behind and 7 times among the best three (3x1st, 2x2nd and 2x3rd).

This time we were at Tampere lure coursing competition and she managed to place as 3rd out of 17 ridgebacks! Her points were 229+254=483, CQ. She got only 6 points less from the final run than Thumba who really looked like doing a phenomenal run. I´m so pleased with Chai. She´s so great at this.


Chai´s Belarus CH-title has now finally been confirmed. Our little Miss BY CH MVLionwolf My Little Ally. :)

Kávén is still doing very well, today Chai played with him the first time. What a progress. :)


Chai at Pori CACIB show, open EXC3. :) Kávé the MA arrived on Friday and is a very social and happy puppy. He has settled in very well.


Kávé arrives to Finland on Friday!!!


Estonia roadtrip over. A great trip, Chai´s results were: Haapsalu CAC show Open VG1 and at Harjumaa lure coursing competition 2nd with the points 230+245=475, CQ. Only a point away from the lure coursing CAC. :D


Meet the newest member of Pukkila´s Posse, a little Magyar Agar boy Hajnali Tejeskávé who will be called as Kávé. Mister will arrive from Hungary at week 30 or 31. So exciting.

Photo: Zsofia Gombai


Finally our net is back on track and I can continue updating.


Chai at Mustiala lure coursing competition 2nd with the points 244+241=485, CQ. A great comeback to the field after a horrible lure coursing competition in Estonia and after heat. GREATTTTT!!!


Back to the civilization. Here comes the updates!

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