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Kávé 13months stacking free (Photo: Mari Rannila)

  • Official name: Hajnali Tejeskávé (Tejeskávé=coffee with milk, Kávé=coffee)
  • Breed: Magyar Agar (Hungarian Greyhound)
  • Gender: male
  • D.o.b: 26.5.2008
  • Reg.number: FIN37463/08
  • Height: 75,2cm (21.7.2009)
  • Weight: 35kg (28.7.2009)
  • Sire: HU JCH Szélpatkoló Akács "Akács"
  • Dam: INT, HU, SLO, ROM CH Kucorgó-Dombi Csillagfürt "Csillag"
  • Siblings: 4 brothers: Álmodozás, Ébredés, Delcég, Duc and 4 sisters: Csicsergõ, Mandula, Tünemény and Diadém
  • Breeder: Zsófia Gombai and Gyöngyi Béres, kennel Hajnali, Hungary

Kávé´s gorgeous movement July 09, photo: Tiia K.

My handsome Kávé 15months

Kávé´s beautiful head and expression, photo: Ammi Kiviharju

Little fellow Kávé arrived from Budabest 25.7.2008 on a flight with other MA-puppy Fahéj who is also Kávé´s cousin. Kávé crawled from his flightbox with a happy tail and kissed everybody around him. I surely couldn´t have waited for more.

Kávé is a really happy, brisk and social MA-male. He isn´t dominating at all and until this day has never said anything bad to any other dog. Hopefully he will stay this way in the future also. His enormously long tail is constantly wagging and he loves everything in the world. Kávé loves people, children also, and it isn´t a rare view to see Kávé smiling, showing all his teeth, even though he doesn´t even know that person. :) Kávé doesn´t get too bothered about different things, I´m not sure if he gets scared of anything at all. He is quite a hard dog that doesn´t remember bad things. This is nice with an active dog but sometimes it´s really nerve-racking when he tries everything again and again and doesn´t mind my "NO´s" that much. Kávé is very curious and as a small puppy you could often find him under our stairs or car, he just loved to crawl into tight places. Kávé is a very lovable boy that has stolen many peoples hearts.

I have high expectations for Kávé: I´m hoping he will be a good dog for hobbies, since this was the main reason I wanted an MA-male. He´s full packed with energy and it´s very rare to see him tired. He´s out-going, happy and loves to do everthing with his full heart. There´s some kind of fire in his character that I really like. Besides these characteristics he has a very high instinct for prey and game. Kávé was 9weeks old when he got to run after a lure for the first time and immediately it seemed he had done that thing all his life, running with full speed and killing the lure. At home he kills his toys many times a day and if you take a pulling contest with him, he could go for hours. He surely doesn´t give up. Kávé is quite nicely motivated with treats since he´s very greedy. The future will show how Kávé will be when he´s grown-up, but right now it seems very promising.

Already at the age of 6 months started Kávé´s instinct to guard build up, this is very typical for MAs since they belong to guarding sighthounds. Inside he guards the most if he hears some weird noises or if there´s something happening at the yard. At the yard Kávé leaves guarding to our bitches Chai and Chili and just follows them from the side.

The "little" guy began to feel at home right away in Pukkila. Quite fast he got accepted into our pack and he plays with both our girls nicely. He seems to be best friends with Chili, they play all the time. The pattern on our walks is usually this: girls playfight and Kávé snaps both of them from behind just to irritate them as much as possible. When it comes to speed Kávé is absolutely the fastest and it´s such a pleasure to watch him run.

As a puppy Kávé has been both easy and difficult. Because of his ADHD-personality, I´m quite often pulling hair of my head but at least he´s not flegmatic and is very easy to get excited in things. He is a real rascal that likes to trash places and sadly does this almost everyday now. It doesn´t matter if you have had a real long walk with him or not he still needs to make renovations. He´s specialized in my underwear that he has probably eaten about 20pieces. Because Kávé has been so outgoing all his life he has been travelling with us from early age. When he was about 4months old we travelled to Hungary to participate a speciality show for Magyar agars, he was like a real world traveller and didn´t mind it at all. He has been in a plane, boat, bus and a car and travelling by all of these goes very well.

Kávé is a real charmer and my dream come true. I couldn´t have gotten a better dog than this. Thank you so much Zsofia for this wonderful little fellow!

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