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Chai on our summer cottage aged 2years 5months (photo: Sanna Lähtinen)

  • Official name: MVLionWolf My Little Ally
  • Nicknames: Pirpana, Chaikku, Hippu-Huppunen, Turtleneckdog ;D
  • Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Gender: bitch
  • D.o.b. 10.3.2006
  • Reg.number: FIN22414/06
  • Titles: FI, BY & EE CH (Finnish, Belarussian & Estonian Champion)
  • Height: 65cm
  • Weight: 34,2kg (29.7.2008)
  • Hips: A/A (free)
  • Elbows: 0/0 (free)
  • Knees and back: healthy (scanned 17.12.2007)
  • Eyes: healthy (29.10.2007)
  • Sire: INT, Nordic, FIN, N & S CH, S & N tracking champion Dea Decora´s Argos ”Argos”
  • Dam: MVLionWolf My Little Cia ”Cia”
  • Siblings: 3 brothers: Adin, Rico and Manu, 2 sisters: Milli and Ru
  • Progeny: MVLionwolf D-litter, 9males & 3bitches
  • Breeder: Moa Viljanen, kennel MVLionwolf

The hunter on the savannah (photo: Laura Salo/Infinitumphotos)

Photo: Laura Salo/Infinitumphotos

Chai 2years 4months in Liimala, Estonia

Beautiful Chai in Suomenlinna

Chai is all that I hoped for and even more. She has a fantastic character. She very brisk and gets used to new things very easily. Sometimes she can be ignorant towards strange people but quite often she´s wagging her tail and giving kisses even to the strangers. Chai likes children very much, thanks to breeder Moa she got used to them from the very beginning. It´s very easy to travel and move around with Chai, she can calm down anywhere.

There´s also some fire in Chai´s character, this she has probably gotten from her dam Cia. You should never mess with her or you will feel it. When Chai is in leash we don´t meet other bitches because usually Chai would have a word to say to them. Chai needs her own space.

Photo: Laura Salo/Infinitumphotos

Her instinct for prey and game is very high and Chai likes to use her nose a lot. When were taking a walk she is very aware of her surroundings and reacts to everything quickly. When she sees a rabbit etc. it´s a sure thing that she will go after. This hasn´t luckily been a problem because Chai also wants to stay with her pack and comes quite fast back from her hunting trips. Chai likes to guard also and it´s great bark is quite sure to keep the intruders away from our yard. Inside she´s very calm she usually just sleeps.

Chai is quite independent and doensn´t have any will to please. If you ask Chai to do something she will do it if there´s some advantege in it for her. Luckily she is very greedy so she is easily motivated with treats. She could eat anything, tomatoes are her favourite treats and she even drools after them.

Chai at the Haapsalu castle

Chai was a very easy puppy. After all that I had read and heard about RR puppies I really waited for so much worse. With Chili I had gotten used to all sorts of renovations so Chai´s puppy time was a positive surprise for me. She hasn´t trashed almost anything during her life, just some really small things. Chai is very nicely alone also and never cries after us not even as a puppy when I was taking a walk with the rest of our pack and she was left alone. House clean Chai was at the age of 6-7months but from the beginning it was clear to her that she had to do her things outside.

The best things in the world for Chai are playing with Chili and Kávé, FOOD, running after the lure, FOOD, running after real prey and FOOD.

Chai has really shown that I have chosen the right breed for me and when I pet her velvety head I can be only happy to have her. A huge thank you for breeder Moa and Argos-dads owner Ewy for this fantastic girl! Chai is all that I dreamt of! 

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