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Our activities with Kávé are shows, lure coursing and oval track coursing. We also occasionally attend unofficial shows called match shows, this is good training for the real ones. Besides these we will also try obedience and blood tracking and see what really interests us.

Getting used to the showleash started immediately at the age of 9weeks when Kávé arrived from Hungary. This dog is so social that I don´t think we really will have trouble at the show ring at all. Despite Kávé´s ADHD-character he´s really patient in the ring and can stand still for ages, he also shows himself off really happy and cheery and moves very beautifully.

At the age of 10 weeks Kávé got to run after the lure for the first time. This lure was pulled by hand. Kávé got the hang of it immediately and it seemed he had done the thing all his life. His eyes fixed on the lure he ran many times every time killing the lure. You didn´t have to wake his prey instinct at all. Year 2009 Kávé will start to train at the oval track for real and hopefully get´s his racing license at the fall.

Kávé is a very greedy dog that is easily motivated with treats.

Future activities:

17.10. Rakvere CAC, Estonia

25.10. Seinäjoki CACIB

29.11. Turku CACIB

Kávé 11weeks after the lure

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