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Rhodesian Ridgebacks are very versatie dogs for different kind of activities. And we do all sorts of things with Chai also. The most prescious of our activities is lure and oval track coursing. Chai´s career in lure coursing started off really well, she has several wins and also three Estonian LC CACs towards being a Estonian lure cousing CH. This what Chai loves the most.

Shows are my big passion and you can see us in the show ring several times a year also abroad. Chai is Estonian and Belarussion CH and needs only one FI CAC to become FI CH. We also enter unofficial shows just for fun when we have the time.

Blood tracking is also one of our hobbies. We´re quite in the beginning with this activity but hopefully next year we could start competing also. Chai really likes to use her nose and is quite good at it also.

We have also tried agility. Chai was with me in Chili´s agility training and the beginning was very nice. She´s very brave to try the different abstacles and learns very fast. So hopefully we get to do more of this in the future.

In addition we have also been in the dog spa taking swims and Chai has also been to the bear barking test two times. Chai was the fist ever RR to enter the test. :)

Future activities:


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